How Content Advertising Can Land You A job

A big trend in the past couple years has been clickbait content ads. If you are reading a story on Taylor Swift and you get to the bottom and see a bunch of pictures and titles of other pieces of interesting content, chances are, they are ads. These are quite popular and have the potential to pay publishers off huge ($5-$8 CPM is what they claim). The problem is, in order for them to pay off huge, you need to have a strong click-through rate. For instance, a user who clicks through a content link and then leaves the other site quickly is far less valuable than a user who clicks through the photo gallery they are showing.


That is on the publisher side of things. If you are looking to get hired, you can choose to target your audience with a well placed piece of content. For example, if you are looking to get hired as an SEO specialist, You could write an article about the “biggest SEO break-through of the year” and then use sites like Taboola,, and Zergnet to promote it. It costs only around $.05 per click, and whereas a high % of your audience won’t be what you want, you can best some % of the audience will.

Set low budgets and start small. But even if it takes a small investment from you, isn’t it worth it to be noticed in the end?

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