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10 Things You Must Know About Facebook Interview Process

So, are you willing to work at Facebook? And fully geared up for the interview? That’s good. But, before you go on with the Facebook interview, there are a few things you need to know about. Firstly, you must realize that the Facebook is not another run of the mill type organization. It is a […]

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5 Techniques To SEO With Your Online Portfolio

Just like with anything else, Web design and development (and content creation) is a balancing act and there is a lot of compromise between user experience and Google results. If SEO is a big part of your marketing strategy, then it should win out most arguments about user experience. Good SEO strategy is building a […]


Google Adwords is Not A Good Monetization Strategy

If your site is ad revenue-driven, realize that you won’t get rich from Google’s ad network — Google AdSense — unless you can deliver millions of pageviews. And if you are doing millions of pageviews, you should be able to monetize better. That does not mean you can’t make good money from ad networks, but […]

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Finding a Partner to Get You Web Development Jobs

If I had to pinpoint the most important step in my freelance career, it would be finding individuals to partner with that had no coding abilities. When I got started, I didn’t know anyone who had design/development work. I began answering ads in my local classifieds and through that, met some people who worked as […]


How Many Web Projects Should You List On Your Website?

Another important issue to discuss is how you handle the projects you do get. You can get hundreds of projects in your career but still be struggling. Here is the breakdown of the number of projects you should have completed in order to be a stable freelance developer: Large projects (over $10,000): 1-3 Medium projects […]


Example of Interview Test For Front-End Developers

Front-end web developers is a profession that is rising in popularity. If you have skills in HTML, CSS and Javascript, chances are that you are in the market for a job as a front-end developer. Often times you will need the standard online portfolio as well as a list of job history. However, many potential […]

How To Prepare For A Coding Job Interview

Landing a job in the tech field can be difficult, especially if you shooting for jobs at major companies like Facebook or Google.  In fact, if you are applying to Facebook, you will be put through a series of targeted coding questions on the spot.  So whereas some companies may give you a coding test […]

Bingo Fun!

Question: Given a list of 24 words, how many different BINGO cards can you create. What if there are more words? What if there are duplicates? Answer: The first part is a straight forward permutation question. Number of different cards = 24! = 620 448 401 733 239 439 360 000 (pretty large number) What if there are […]


Challenge Series

Hey everyone, We got great response from the interview challenge posted last week. We’ve decided to make a weekly challenge series (hopefully we have enough questions to keep up :)). Do you have any interesting questions you would like to share? Or any questions that you’d like answered? Let us know and we can help […]