Bad at Interviews? Let Your Code Do The Talking

Coders are traditionally not the most warm and friendly people. Most people, when they think about coders, think of this:

Yes that is a depiction of Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network.  Award, difficult to deal with, but a genius.

That is not a terrible thing, and people looking to hire coders often just want someone who is extremely good at their job.  It does help if you can listen and react well, but sometimes, it’s more about the code you create.  So like it’s been said a million times on this site, go and create things.  They do not have to be commercial ideas, they can be scrapers or algorithms, just have something in your portfolio that is impressive.

Then, when you get in front of a company, you do not have to explain what you know, you can just show them.

It also helps to create something that pushes the limits of what you know and applies as much coding knowledge as you have.  Go nuts!

If you're looking for some serious preparation for your interviews, I'd recommend this book written by a lead Google interviewer. It has 189 programming questions and solutions:

Book Cover

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