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Bad at Interviews? Let Your Code Do The Talking

Coders are traditionally not the most warm and friendly people. Most people, when they think about coders, think of this: Yes that is a depiction of Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network.  Award, difficult to deal with, but a genius. That is not a terrible thing, and people looking to hire coders often just want […]


Before You Try To Get A Tech Job, Build Stuff

It’s great to go through a coding school and learn the in’s and out’s of whatever code language is in question, but potential hirers want to see what you have built.  Often times, it does not have to be specific to what they do, they just want to see your ability to be creative and […]


How Content Advertising Can Land You A job

A big trend in the past couple years has been clickbait content ads. If you are reading a story on Taylor Swift and you get to the bottom and see a bunch of pictures and titles of other pieces of interesting content, chances are, they are ads. These are quite popular and have the potential […]